We started as a group of students that are willing to help new students to get admissions worldwide. By the passage of time we noted that this is a field in which there is so much to work on. Most of the people in our network belonged to the developing countries and all of them were getting more and more requests day by day from new students that are willing to study abroad. We then registered and started working professionally in all aspects of studying abroad.

Education and Business World PVT LTD started working in 2014 from China and now we’ve grown up in a wide spectrum of consultancy services to students and local businessman for traveling abroad. Once you have decided to travel abroad then just plan and give us a call the next job is ours.

Our Services:

  • Provide information about scholarships
  • Information about studying abroad
  • Tourism services for vacations
  • Counseling the students
  • Discounted Air ticket from Major airlines
  • To provide authentic information to students
  • Assistance for Foreign Exchange and Insurance
  • Updated information on courses and Universities
  • On arrival services for students
  • Assistance in application procedures
  • Temporary accommodation arrangement in Hotels
  • Guidance about VISA processing
  • Regular follow-up with High Commission
  • The total solution provider for International students and their families after their departure

Our Motto:

“We lead students to the right path of their selected profession to achieve their dreams”

Our Vision:

The choice of studying abroad is never being easy for anyone. The concept of leaving home is a little scary for most of us but we have a team of individuals that feel proud in serving. Our vision is to provide students with every possible option to ease their journey of becoming successful. As with the modernizations it is becoming tougher to land on your dream job.

We suggest you to choose your profession wisely as there is a wide variety of scholarships for every talented student. Getting scholarships were never been so easy. There are thousands of scholarships waiting for the right candidate and maybe you are the one who deserve that scholarship.

Just don’t waste the time and make your account on our website. We assure you will be getting something useful.