Ankang University

Ankang University (AKU) is a comprehensive four-year undergraduate university under the administration of the Shaanxi Provincial Government. The origin of AKU can be traced back to the “Ankang University” of 1958, which was suspended in 1963 because of national economic difficulties. In 1978, it was reopened as a branch school of Shaanxi Normal University and, in 1984, it was renamed “Ankang Teacher’s College” with the approval of Shaanxi Provincial Government. In 2004, incorporating Ankang Education Institute and Ankang Agricultural School into Ankang Teacher’s College officially formed AKU. In February 2006, upon the authorization of Ministry of Education of PRC, it was approved to be an undergraduate university.

Ankang University has a professional teaching staff with proficient teaching skills and scientific research capabilities. Among the 526 full-time teachers, 261 have Doctor’s or Master’s degrees and 185 hold the title of professor or associate professor and two are qualified as tutors of Doctor’s and Master’s degree candidates and are participating in the training of graduate students from other universities. One of these members of staff is a famous contemporary Chinese writer. There are ten visiting scholars who give lectures in the university all year round. Also there are 2 excellent teaching groups who are recognized throughout the province and 5 teachers who are well known and reputed throughout the province. Three to five teachers from the university go abroad for academic exchanges every year. Over 60 teachers in the university have been awarded prizes and government allowances for a wide range of achievements. These include: the State Council’s, National Outstanding Teacher Award, the National Award for Outstanding Educators, the Zeng Xianzi Award, the Outstanding Teaching Achievements Prize and the Outstanding Teaching Materials Award. The university engages more than 80 scholars, including academics who are considered experts in their fields within China, professors as the university’s emeritus professors.

         Ankang University has sent out more than 50,000 graduates who are now working in elementary and secondary schools, businesses, governments and other organizations across China.