Ranking of China’s universities 2018

(Information current as at 6 February 2018)   As of May 2017, China has approximately 1200 officially recognized universities, ranging from small private highly specialized institutions through to large, extensive universities falling under the direct management of the Ministry of Education (MOE).   Australian universities have been active in engaging with a range of these institutions, with the 2016 survey from Universities Australia showing that Australian universities have more than 1,400 conventional agreements with Chinese universities, a 200% increase on the number of agreements with China in 2003. In 2015, China announced its largest education development scheme to date – the “Double First-Class initiative”, a plan that target at increasing the global acknowledgment of China’s university system by 2049 (the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China). An implementation plan and list of universities and disciplines were declared in 2017.   Anterior to introducing the “Double First Class”, China’s top universities were supported under the “985” project and “211” project. The “211” project began in 1995 and saw financial support given to more than 100 universities to develop their research standards and capability, and the “985” project is a subset of the “211” project universities that were given substantial additive financial support.   The Double First Class Initiative identifies 42 Universities of having the inherent to mature as world class. This comprises all of the 39 universities from the “985” project plus 3 former “211”project universities. Moreover, 465 disciplines from 140 universities (including the 42 universities) have been known as having the potential to become world class disciplines. This includes all former “211” project universities plus 26 universities that were not part of former development plans. Worldwide, there are three usually cited international rankings of world universities – the Academic Rankings of World Universities (or ARWU – formerly known as the Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings), the Times Higher Education World Rankings, and the QS World Rankings. Chinese universities have been steadily improving their rankings on these international platforms for the past decade. In addition to the international rankings, there are also a number of rankings produced by organization within China, focusing on different aspects of university performance. Two of the most highly regarded rankings are those compiled by the Chinese University Alumni Association (CUAA) and the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC – an MOE affiliate organization). The CUAA compiles Chinese University rankings each year, picking universities’ teaching staff and resources, scientific research level, talent grooming quality and repute as indicators, basing the assessment on a collection of calculation of publicly accessible data, materials submitted by the institution, and peer analysis.   Table 1 below display the current rankings of Chinese universities on the three global rankings, the CUAA ranking as well as their status in the Double First Class initiative. The CDGDC evaluates and marks Chinese universities by fields and disciplines, and publishes the result every four years. The appraisal is based on four factors: faculty and resources, standard of education, research capacity and endowment to community. The latest result (round 4) was published in December 2017, marking universities with scores from “A+” to “C-” for 95 disciplines in 7 study fields. The Education segment has braced a translated list of appraisal outcomes for universities that have been rated “A+” for each discipline: The full list of appraisal outcomes can be found at: With the Double First Class initiative subsuming the “985” and “211” projects, Chinese universities are anticipated to further incline up improvement to build capacity and become more globally competitive.  It is anticipated that Chinese universities will proceed to upgrade their performance in international rankings, and, nationally, high ranked Chinese universities are anticipated to improve their performance in known discipline fields.   University ranking and discipline appraisal lists are a helpful resource for Australian universities to accomplish a better understanding of the capability of Chinese universities strengths, and assist them to determine and mark future collaborations with Chinese universities.  

Table 1: Chinese institutions in major global rankings (sorted alphabetically)

University Name THE 2018 QS 2018 ARWU2017 CUAA 2018 Double First Class Uni
Anhui University 103 Discipline
Beihang University 601-800 551-600 301-400 24 A Type University
Beijing Foreign Studies University 651-700 Discipline
Beijing Forestry University 93 Discipline
Beijing Institute of Technology 601-800 451-460 29 A Type University
Beijing Jiaotong University 801-1000 701-750 40 Discipline
Beijing Normal University 256 201-300 19 A Type University
Beijing Sport University Discipline
Beijing University of Chemical Technology 61 Discipline
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 115 Discipline
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 59 Discipline
Beijing University of Technology 701-750 82 Discipline
Capital Medical University 601-800 301-400 100
Capital Normal University 75 Discipline
Central Academy of Fine Arts Discipline
Central China Normal University 501-600 41 Discipline
Central Conservatory of Music Discipline
Central South University 601-800 801-1000 301-400 17 A Type University
Central University of Finance and Economics 99 Discipline
Chang’an University 61 Discipline
Chengdu University of TCM 219 Discipline
Chengdu University of Technology 162 Discipline
China  University of Petroleum 86 Discipline
China  University of Petroleum Beijing 801-1000 116 Discipline
China Academy of Art Discipline
China Agricultural University 601-800 701-750 401-500 33 A Type University
China Conservatory of Music Discipline
China Foreign Affairs University Discipline
China Pharmaceutical University 127 Discipline
China University of Geosciences Beijing 601-800 143 Discipline
China University of Geosciences Wuhan 601-800 301-400 60 Discipline
China University of Mining and Technology 801-1000 53 Discipline
China University of Mining and Technology 53 Discipline
China University of Political Science and Law 65 Discipline
Chongqing University 801-1000 801-1000 31 A Type University
Communication University of China Discipline
Dalian Maritime University 117 Discipline
Dalian University of Technology 601-800 551-600 301-400 25 A Type University
Donghua University 69 Discipline
East China Normal University 501-600 501-550 401-500 28 A Type University
East China University of Science and Technology 601-800 551-600 301-400 52 Discipline
Fudan University 116 40 101-150 4 A Type University
Fuzhou University 601-800 81 Discipline
Guangxi University 1001+ 83 Discipline
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 394 Discipline
Guizhou University 122 Discipline
Hainan University 149 Discipline
Harbin Engineering University 401-500 65 Discipline
Harbin Institute of Technology 501-600 325 151-200 18 A Type University
Hebei University of Technology 149 Discipline
Hefei University of Technology 65 Discipline
Henan University 84 Discipline
Hohai University 42 Discipline
Huaqiao University 801-1000 144
Huazhong Agricultural University 601-800 401-500 48 Discipline
Huazhong University of Science and Technology 401-500 471-480 201-300 11 A Type University
Hunan Normal University 68 Discipline
Hunan University 601-800 701-750 301-400 35 B Type University
Inner Mongolia University 123 Discipline
Jiangnan University 75 Discipline
Jiangsu University 801-1000 113
Jilin University 491-500 301-400 10 A Type University
Jinan University 801-1000 74 Discipline
Lanzhou University 601-650 301-400 32 A Type University
Liaoning University 104 Discipline
Minzu University of China 80 A Type University
Nanchang University 70 Discipline
Nanjing Agricultural University 601-800 401-500 43 Discipline
Nanjing Forestry University 162 Discipline
Nanjing Medical University 601-800 401-500 139
Nanjing Normal University 601-800 44 Discipline
Nanjing Tech University 601-800 106
Nanjing University 169 114 201-300 8 A Type University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 401-500 54 Discipline
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine 182 Discipline
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology 159 Discipline
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 118 Discipline
Nanjing University of Science and Technology 401-500 44 Discipline
Nankai University 344 301-400 14 A Type University
National University of Defense Technology A Type University
Ningbo University 87 Discipline
Ningxia University 204 Discipline
North China Electric Power University 108 Discipline
Northeast Agricultural University 130 Discipline
Northeast Forestry University 101 Discipline
Northeast Normal University 601-800 36 Discipline
Northeastern University 801-1000 401-500 26 B Type University
Northwest A&F University 801-1000 57 B Type University
Northwest University 801-1000 401-500 51 Discipline
Northwestern Polytechnical University 601-800 30 A Type University
Ocean University of China 801-1000 301-400 50 A Type University
Peking Union Medical College 401-500 56 Discipline
Peking University 27 38 71 1 A Type University
People’s Republic Security University of China Discipline
Qinghai University 294 Discipline
Renmin University of China 501-600 481-490 5 A Type University
Shaanxi Normal University 801-1000 75 Discipline
Shandong University 501-600 551-600 301-400 20 A Type University
Shanghai Conservatory of Music Discipline
Shanghai International Studies University 651-700 Discipline
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 188 62 101-150 6 A Type University
Shanghai Maritime University 1001+ 203
Shanghai Ocean University 206 Discipline
Shanghai University 601-800 421-430 55 Discipline
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 61 Discipline
Shanghai University of Sport Discipline
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 134 Discipline
Shantou University 601-800 159
Shihezi University 162 Discipline
Sichuan Agricultural University 140 Discipline
Sichuan University 601-800 551-600 151-200 12 A Type University
Soochow University 501-600 201-300 58 Discipline
South China Normal University 75 Discipline
South China University of Technology 501-600 551-600 201-300 26 A Type University
Southeast University 501-600 501-550 201-300 22 A Type University
Southwest Jiaotong University 1001+ 39 Discipline
Southwest Petroleum University 206 Discipline
Southwest University 37 Discipline
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 94 Discipline
Sun Yat-sen University 351-400 319 151-200 9 A Type University
Taiyuan University of Technology 104 Discipline
The Central Academy of Drama Discipline
The Fourth Military Medical University Discipline
The Second Military Medical University Discipline
Tianjin Medical University 124 Discipline
Tianjin Polytechnic University 153 Discipline
Tianjin University 501-600 471-480 301-400 13 A Type University
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 184 Discipline
Tibet University 247 Discipline
Tongji University 401-500 316 301-400 23 A Type University
Tsinghua University 30 25 48 2 A Type University
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Discipline
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 801-1000 201-300 34 A Type University
University of International Business and Economics 91 Discipline
University of Science & Technology Beijing 601-800 551-600 47 Discipline
University of Science and Technology of China 132 97 101-150 16 A Type University
Wuhan University 401-500 282 201-300 7 A Type University
Wuhan University of Technology 801-1000 401-500 38 Discipline
Xiamen University 401-500 431-440 301-400 21 A Type University
Xi’an Jiaotong University 501-600 344 201-300 14 A Type University
Xidian University 801-1000 46 Discipline
Xingtan University 801-1000
Xinjiang University 107 B Type University
Yanbian University 182 Discipline
Yunnan University 64 B Type University
Zhejiang University 177 87 101-150 3 A Type University
Zhengzhou University 49 B Type University
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 71 Discipline