Ganan Medical University

Gannan Medical University

Ganan Medical University is located in the city name Ganzhou which is located in the east part of JIANGXI province,CHINA. It was just a undergraduate medical college in 1988.

The university has 16 schools of

  • Preclinical medicines
  • School of clinical medicine
  •  School of nursing science
  • school of continuing education
  • International educational college and etc.

There are 1787 staff including 401 professors 36 percent teachers have got senior titles and 52 percent are holding masters and doctoral degrees. The university has been conferred with the title of “Qualified University” by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic China.

Required Documents for JW202 process:

  1. Senior High School Transcripts( 10th& 12th result)
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Filled out application form
  4. School Leaving Certificate
  5. Financial Support Letter

FEE STRUCTURE for September 2018 Intake

Course Available: MBBS

Duration: 6 Years including 1 year internship

First Year Fee 40,000 RMB (6350$)

Breakdown of First Year Fee:

Tuition Fee 26000/ Year

Hostel Fee 4000/ Year

Heath Insurance 600/ Year

Visa Extension 4 00/Year

Medical Checkup 300/Year

Bedding: 500/Once Only

Liaison Fee: 8200RMB/ Once Only

  • The hostel fee above is for 2 Persons in one room.
  • Food,Medical Books & other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the above fees. Students themselves will pay these expenses.
  • NOTE: There is 4000RMB Scholarship  each year for every student who pass the examination ,

have good behavior and keep class attendance more than 80%.