Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University was created in 1993 with the approval of the central government. In 1951, two private medical colleges were merged to form the Hainan Specialized Medical School. These two colleges were Haiqiang Medical Vocational School (created in 1947) and the Medical College of Hainan University

Located in Haikou,Hainan Province,People’s Republic of China.

The university has following departments:

  • Basic Medical Science Department
  • Clinical Medicine Institute
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute
  • Laboratory Sciences Department
  • Preventative Medicine Department
  • Dental Sciences Department
  • Nursing Sciences Department
  • Pharmacy Department
  • Vocational Educational Institute
  • International Student Institute
  • Foreign Language Department
  • Information Technology Department
  • Physical Education Department
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences