HE University

He University is an undergraduate-level university authorized by MOE (Ministry 0f Education)of China, located in the Shenyang.

He University has 6 disciplines:

  • medicine
  • natural science
  • engineering
  • management
  • literature
  • art

17 undergraduate programs,

  1. Clinical Medicine
  2. Nursing,
  3. Medical Imaging Technology
  4. Optometry
  5. Pharmaceutical Science
  6. Pharmaceutical Engineering
  7. Pharmacy Administration
  8. Bio-Medical Engineering
  9. Applied Psychology
  10. Public Service Administration
  11.     Marketing,Advertising, Animation, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design and Product Design; 10 Higher Professional Specialty Programs: Optometry Technology, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology and etc.

At present, it has 7,000+ registered students from 21 provinces all over China, and has the qualification to recruit foreign students, continuing education students and double-degree program students, and it has Clinical Medicine postgraduate program collaborated with Dalian Medical University.