Henan Polytechnic University

Henan Polytechnic University is a higher education institution located in the large city of Jiaozuo ,Henan. Officially accredited and recognized by the Department of Education, Henan Province, Henan Polytechnic University (HPU) is a very large (enrollment range: 30,000-34,999 students) coeducational higher education institution.Henan Polytechnic University (HPU), with a long history, is the first mining university in Chinese history as well as the earliest higher college in Henan province. Its former name is Jiaozuo Coal Mining School which was established by the British Syndicate Co. Ltd., in 1909. Henan Polytechnic University devotes itself to promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation with institutions of higher education of foreign countries. Since 1980s, it has established sisterhood relationship with 15 countries and more than 30 universities and research institutions in USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, Japan, Korea, etc and had made great achievements in teachers exchange, students exchange, scientific research and academic cooperation. The university began to enroll overseas students in 2006 and has over 30 overseas students at present HPU got the “AAAAA” title of Henan province on foreign affairs service in 2012.
The university has 18 schools and departments and has 12 disciplines for awarding doctoral degree and 48 for master’s degree, 8 courses for engineering master degree. It has 57 undergraduate programs with a total number of 26,972 full-time postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates and 7,000 adult students. It recruits students from 29 provinces,cities and autonomous regions. From 2006 “the university begins to enroll overseas students“.