Study in Italy

Why Study in Italy?

What does Italy offer to International Students

Besides the evident grounds, such as yummy food, magical streets, various natural scenery and history seeping from every fissure, studying in Italy is certain to furnish more than meets the eye for any study foreign student. With a variable choice of course of study and fields, international scholars in Italy can take benefit of all this, state has to offer, while pursuing credits in their selected field of interest. The higher education arrangement, scholar life and estimated costs are all crucial to keep in mind before selecting location of study.

Higher Education System

The Higher Education System in Italy is combined principally of two parts: the university and non-university factors.

1. The University Factor

The University factor is presently combined of 89 institutions, including:

  • 58 State universities
  • 17 non-State universities (which are still legally acknowledged by the State)
  • 2 universities for international students in Italy
  • 6 schools focused on postgraduate studies
  • 6 telematicsuniversities, with disciplines in technology and information

2. The Non-University Factor

The Non-University Factor can be categorized into four essential groups:

  • Design-related schools, including specialties in polytechnics for the arts, fine arts, applied arts, music conservatories and musical and choreographic studies
  • Higher education in language mediation
  • Higher Integrated Education (FIS), which provide Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS)
  • Other miscellaneous disciplines (e.g. archiving, diplomatic, restoration, military studies, etc.) which are outside of the Education Ministry

So, why study in Italy? As a outcome of these higher education system factors, it is clear that international scholars in Italy have number of choices, irrespective of interest. Studying in Italy furnish a plethora of alternatives for scholars and is anything but limiting.

Student Life and Expected Costs in Italy

While numerous scholars find themselves studying in Italy due to the aforesaid grounds, another ground, of course, is to modify upon Italian language skills. That being said, fluency is surely not required. However, it is important to take into account deliberate language desires, as that could have an effect on location and experience.

Location put aside, studying in Italy costs money. Approximated expenditures change based on where you are residing (Urban or Ruler area), what kind of housing you are living in, whether it be with roommates or a individual, if you are staying with a home stay or on your own, whether you are residing in a premier location or a bit outside the prime area and the duration of your stay.

Fees by and large range from $4,000 to $30,000, but we assist you to secure Scholarships that will waive your tuition fee, depending on duration of stay, lodging, program and your home institution. Considering other costs, such as food, travel and school materials is also necessary, so you can put your best foot forward. On the optimistic side, approaching educational and historical sites are usually discounted for scholars, as well as choose stores and sometimes airfare.

So, coming back to the primary question, why study in Italy? Just like Italian cooking, there is something for everyone, of course. Though scholar life, costs and your part in the higher education system may change, time spent in Italy is sure to be attractive and fruitful.

Buon apettito!

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