The Healer Society

“Healing the World”



Our Motto:We will never do anything that embarrasses us in front of our friends, family or even ourselves.



To create a good image of foreigners in China and to link them in a chain as a student volunteer organization without discrimination of race or nationality.


Who we are:

We are student volunteers who will work as an independent identity without influence of any external power, to represent good image of foreigners living in China.

We will also work on representing a good image of China in our Native Countries.

Who we are not:

We are not seeking to challenge any authority on individual or organizational or governmental level.

Our Focus:

Creating a healthy learning environment by providing opportunities of self-development for foreigners in China.


How we will work:

Our organizational setup will be considering of two things:

1) Advisory Board:

 This board will be consisting of Senior members e-g Teachers of the respective University or Respected personnel of the University. They will select the students for the Student’s committee by interviews and their previous records. Students committee will strictly follow the guidance of Advisory Board. Treasurer of the Society will be from Advisory board and Finance Secretary of the Society will work under his supervision.

2) Student’s Committee:

This committee will be the acting body of “The Healer Society” and it will work for one year then after a year members are re-elected. The students will be selected on the basis of their qualification and ability to be a good representator of the Society. Any violation of “By-Laws” of the Society will result in cancellation of the Membership.



Regarding Social Issues:

We are not relating any kind of Social or Political matter to organization. But if any social issue approaches us. We will pursue the following structure:

  • Gather information on the issue
  • What exactly is the problem?
  • What is causing the problem?
  • Who are the persons responsible?
  • What are the consequences going to be? Assess magnitude, quality and prevalence.What are the alternatives/possible solutions?
  • Talk to people in the community to hear different views that will enable a holistic view of the issue.
  • Talk to people who are in-charge and hear their side of the issue. Tell them about the problems that you see.
  • You may be able to work towards solving problems together if you do not see yourself as hostile parties.
  • Connect with people to increase awareness
  • Ask older, influential or respected people in the community to address public gatherings.
  • Write polite, succinct articles for magazines and newspapers identifying the issues.


BY-LAWs of the Society will be declared once the Student’s Committee is selected.


What will be the benefit of joining as volunteer?

Ans: At the moment, we are starting this initiative on University level but we are planning to take it further to Inter-University Level Then National level by the help of our Magazine and developing linkages with other universities.


  • Our Society will work on Capacity Building of our members.
  • Our members will represent great responsibility and qualities of high standards that will develop their good image on every forum.
  • Every Volunteer is provided with certification of activity they took part in along with Letter of Service on completing a successful period of service.




Currently we are working on First Foreigners Monthly E-Magazine Publishing on Inter-University Level which will surely bring harmony and raise our status among students from all over the China.


Then on next level there will be series of events on University and Inter-University Level.


Every participant will get a certificate for his/her participation.