Weifang Medical University

Weifang Medical University was created as Shandong province’s Changwei Medical School in 1951. The university was then created as the Changwei Medical College which offered undergraduate courses.

In 1987, the university was restructured and became Weifang Medical University.

In 1986, the university was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education to offer master’s degree courses in medicine. In 2002, the Chinese Ministry of Education granted the Weifang Medical University permission to offer graduate medical degrees.Weifang Medical University is a state-owned medical university. It is located in Weifang, the international Kite Capital, at the center of Shandong Peninsula. WFMU covers an area of more than 1.2 million square meters with 570,000 square meters construction area.

Over the past decades, a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary pattern has been formed at WFMU which offered a number of disciplines including

  • health management
  • general sciences
  • law and literature
  • medical sciences as the leading discipline

WFMU is authorized to grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees and recruit overseas student

WFMU comprises 15 schools and departments such as

  • School of Humanities and Social Science
  • School of Public Health & Management
  • Nursing School´╝î Dentistry School
  • Clinical Medicine Department
  • Anesthesiology Department
  • Medical Radiology Department
  • Preventive Medicine Department